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The 61st Annual New Hampshire Antiques Show

August 9 - 11, 2018
The Manchester Downtown Hotel (formerly Radisson Hotel)
Manchester, NH

A Warm Thank You For Your
Visit And Purchases At
The 61st New Hampshire Show.

I Look Forward to Your Continued
Support in Search for Objects
of Early America.

This year, I am pleased to participate once again and present a room-setting of high quality, early New England furniture, with many rare and unusual "everyday" period objects of early America. I invite you to view my ad - as seen in this year's NH Antiques Show Program.

Sharon Platt - NHADA Program Ad

For additional objects offered at the show, I invite you to view my ad - as seen in the show section of the Antiques and Arts Weekly/The Bee.

Sharon Platt - Bee Ad


Inspired by museums and museum villages that abound here in New England, I have grown to love all facets of life in early America. For over 35 years in the antiques business, my specialty has been the American colonial period through the early 19th century.

Objects that reveal their witness marks of great age through untouched as descended condition is my passion, along with influence from Russell Kettell, who raised the importance of the term "everyday objects".

Read: "American Style: Russell Kettell's Pine Furniture" in Antiques & the Arts Weekly.

Simple forms, graphics, early paint, and old surface quality are my focus. These charming aesthetics are paramount in my selection of inventory.

Come view a window into everyday life of early America that offers American and country furniture, folk portraits and paintings, period lighting, textiles, decorative arts, and utilitarian everyday objects.

All items are guaranteed as to age, authenticity, and condition.


The New Hampshire Dealers Association (NHADA)